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With your help, we can make lives better in our community

Children’s Connect aims to help children in South Florida access mental healthcare. Not all families can afford it, but every child deserves access to quality care. Through our advisory panel of mental health professionals; the help of local institutions, community members, and healthcare professionals, and donations, we aim to provide financial support for every child in need of mental healthcare.

Why should I donate to Children’s Connect?

Adequate mental healthcare can be costly and Children’s Connect was founded to attempt to ease the financial burden to families.

How does Children’s Connect use my donation?

Your donation helps us provide quality mental healthcare for children in South Florida. We use donations to work with local institutions, community members, and healthcare professionals to get kids the care that they need.

What impact can one donation have on the world?

Your donation will help us to ensure that children in South Florida get the mental healthcare services that they need and that they deserve.