what we do

Children’s Connect aims to bring together local mental health professionals and community leaders to help ensure that children in South Florida have access to the quality mental health services that they deserve. We believe that children are our future and that we all have a duty to support the children in our community.

Our mission

Children’s Connect is a non-profit foundation that has applied for 501 (C)(3) status and was established to provide financial support for the mental health needs of children in our community. The new millenium has brought with it added stressors for our children as they cope with the pressures of social media, school shooting tragedies and substance use to name a few. Adequate mental healthcare can be costly and Children’s Connect was founded to attempt to ease the financial burden to families. Our advisory panel is composed of respected community mental health professionals. At the end of the day our children are our future.

Our Vision

Children’s Connect aims to help children in South Florida access mental healthcare. Not all families can afford it, but every child deserves access to quality care. Through our advisory panel of mental health professionals; the help of local institutions, community members, and healthcare professionals, and donations, we aim to provide financial support for every child in need of mental healthcare.


While we tend to think of childhood as a carefree time of life, the fact is that many children suffer from mental conditions and disorders, just the same as adults. Among other things, children’s mental health concerns can include emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders. Left untreated, any of these conditions or disorders can result in difficulties with making friends, and behavior issues in school and at home. What is most troubling, however, is that research has shown that a majority of adult mental disorders start early in life. This makes it critical that children’s mental health conditions be caught promptly and treated appropriately.


Children can be treated in a variety of settings that range from one-on-one (or with a parent) sessions with a mental health professional to a group setting with a therapist and the child’s peers. Talk therapy can help change behaviors and may be used in combination with other treatments. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been shown to be very effective in helping children learn coping strategies so they can change unhealthy behavior patterns and distorted thinking.

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